Platinum temperature sensors encased with Polymer-Ceramics

Platinum temperature sensor in a Polymer-ceramic housing (design example) -
  • Fully customized and application-specific design of protective casings
  • Integration of functional and/or constructive components possible, e.g.
    • mounting elements
    • additional mechanic and/ or electronic functional elements
  • Minimal dimensions possible
  • Several sensors in one housing
  • Temperature-resistant up to +350°C/ +400°C, on customer demand up to +600°C
  • Thermal stability similar to ceramics
  • Good electric isolation characteristics of the casing material
  • Customer-/ application-specific connection cables (insulation materials E-Glass, R-Glass, PTFE or PEEK)
  • Higher mechanic stability compared to sensors coated with ceramics (higher pressure, bending and vibration resistance)
  • High lifetime, long-term stability and reliability

Platinum temperature sensors encased with polymer-ceramics

  • ... automotive series application;
  • … a central platform component for the efficient large series/ mass production of customized temperature sensors.

(Development in co-operation with HITK/Fraunhofer IKTS Hermsdorf, Germany)


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