Miniaturized VOC/CO2 sensor

Miniaturized VOC/CO2 sensor -
  • Miniaturized active gas sensor for the detection of indoor air-quality components
  • Innovative combination of
    • patented photo-acoustic gas sensor for the detection of CO2
    • metal-oxide(MOX) gas sensor (based on the patented Öffnet internen Link im aktuellen FensterUST Triplesensor® technology) for detection
      • of selected air-quality relevant VOCs (VOC... Volatile Organic Compound)
      • or, as needed, of dangerous situations, e.g. smoldering or cable fires, chemical accidents etc. (depending on configuration)
  • Short response time
  • High levels of long-term stability and reliability
  • ...
  • Customizations, e.g. gas types, detection ranges and -thresholds, calibration, interface/ data output string, connection cable etc. Öffnet internen Link im aktuellen Fensteron request

Patents: DE19957364 B4 / DE102010003966 B3 / DE102004060101 B4 / DE102006033528 B3 / EP1602924 B1

UST Triplesensor® is a registrated trademark of UST Umweltsensortechnik GmbH, Dieselstr. 2 und 4, 99331 Geratal OT Geschwenda, Germany.


  • Measuring/ detection ranges, sensitivities for selected target gases
    • CO2: up to 5Vol%, optional up to 100Vol% (photo-acoustic gas sensor)
    • CH4: 10ppm… 1Vol% ±20% / CO: 10ppm… 5000ppm ±20% / H2: 5ppm… 5000ppm ±20% / NO2: 0,1ppm… 50ppm ±20% / selected VOCs, e.g. C2H5OH, m-xylene, n-octane, toluene: 50ppb… 100ppm (MOX gas sensor)
  • Response time: ≤ 1s, t60 ≤ 6s, t90 ≤ 9s (depending on application)
  • Gas supply: passive (diffusion)
  • Interface: UART
  • Permissible operating temperature/ humidity: 0... +40°C/ 0... 95% rel.H.
  • Permissible storage and transportation temperature/ humidity: -40°C… +80°C/ 0… 95% rel. H.
  • Permissible conditions for operation, storage and transportation:
    The contamination of the sensor must be avoided. The application, transport and storage environment has to be free of any contamination, particularly protected against chemical substances, e.g. silicones.
    In particular directly contact with substances containing, silicones, sulfurous substances or non-desorbing inorganic components or contaminations (e.g. smoke, fumes, oils, greases or evaporating liquids) may cause damaging the sensor or to changes in the sensor resistance and/or in the sensor characteristics.
  • Supply voltage: 7,5V... 12V DC
  • Power consumption: ca. 0,9W
  • Dimensions LxWxH [mm]: ca. 30 x 20 x 25
  • Net weight: ca. 25g (without connection cable)

Errors excepted. Subject to alterations for this information and technological changes.


  • Automotive
  • Process engineering
  • Building automation
  • Safety engineering
  • Logistics


Detection/ monitoring of indoor air-quality components in buildings, offices, factory halls, warehouses, storage rooms, apartments, vehicle interiors / cabins etc.



We offer individual consultation and production to realize solutions for your specific measuring task(s).

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