UST Triplesensor® - The electronic nose

  • Patented active MOX gas sensor module for the high selective and high sensitive detection of specific gases, gas mixtures, selected VOC markers (VOC... Volatile Organic Compound) etc.
  • Scalable technological platform for the efficient realization of customized gas sensor systems from small up to large production runs
UST Triplesensor® technology -


  • Gas sensor element with 3 different gas-sensitive MOX-layers for reducible, easily oxidizable and heavily oxidizable gases in a specific 4-Pin-case (TO39, SMD etc.)
  • Gas sensor chip - realized in hybrid technology (Al2O3-carrier-substrate with a micro-structured platinum thin-film layer as well as insulating, locking and gas sensitive layers) Öffnet internen Link im aktuellen Fenster...
  • Electronic-module for sensor element control (heater temperature etc.), pre-processing of the sensor signals, storage of the calibration data and communication
  • USB-interface for external sensor control, data classification and analysis (PCA... Principal Component Analysis etc.) as well as power supply

Customized solutions on request.

Patents: DE102004060101 B4 / DE102006033528 B3 / EP1602924 B1

UST Triplesensor® is a registrated trademark of UST Umweltsensortechnik GmbH, Dieselstr. 2 und 4, 99331 Geratal OT Geschwenda, Germany.


  • Industrial electronics
  • Building automation
  • Automotive electronics
  • Energy and environmental engineering
  • Safety engineering
  • Medical engineering
  • ...

Sample applications e.g.

  • Mobile / stationary gas leak detection e.g. of natural gas (CH4), ammonia (NH3), nitrogen oxides (NOX), refrigerants (R1234yf, R134a etc.)
  • Ventilation flap control of cars
  • Air quality measurement / detection in buildings, apartments, vehicle interiors etc.
  • Detection of NO2/NOX concentrations at urban road traffic junctions
  • Early detection of smoldering fires (detection of relevant combustion gases, typical VOCs etc.)
  • ...


UST Triplesensor® Evaluation Kit USB

UST Triplesensor® USB-Stick -
  • USB-Stick with external UST Triplesensor® gas sensor element in a 4-Pin-TO39-Case (optional with a 4-Pin-Socket for replaceable UST Triplesensor® gas sensor element)
  • Integrated µC-based electronic module for signal-pre-processing, sensor control and data communication
  • USB 2.0-compatible
  • PC-Software tool (on CD-ROM) for visualization of the sensor signals and data recording (CSV file)


We offer individual consultation and production to realize solutions for your specific measuring task(s).

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