Gas leak detector ILD.3000

Gas leak detector ILD.3000 -
  • Universal gas leak detector for different gases, e.g. H2, CO2 as well as selected refrigerants
  • Portable, compact and robust metal case
  • Integrated rechargeable battery pack for mains independent mobile and/or stationary operation
  • Separate docking station for charging, power supply for stationary operation as well as additional ports for data transfer and power switching
  • PC-based system with graphical touchscreen user interface for simple and intuitive Operation
  • Useful software options, e.g. for displaying detection-data/results, data-logging, configuration, calibration and service
  • Changeable target gas-specific active gas sensor probes
    • Robust metal handheld with flexible "sensor" extension
    • Suction of the gas/gas mixture
    • Gas detection by target gas-specific gas sensors (Öffnet internen Link im aktuellen FensterMetal-oxide(MOX) gas sensor or patented photo-acoustic gas sensor)
    • LCD and LEDs for displaying functions and Trends as well as functional keys for external control of selected detector functions
    • Combined electro-pneumatic connection line with quick connectors between probe and base unit for simply and quick exchange of a sensor probe


  • Building industry, building trade
    • Pipe line construction and service (gas leak search/ detection)
    • Installation, maintenance, service of systems for gas, air conditioning, ventilation etc. (gas leak search/ detection)
  • Automotive industry and services (gas leak search/ detection on air conditioning systems, gas vehicles etc.)
  • Energy engineering
  • Environmental technology
  • Safety engineering
  • ...

Selected potential applications (specific sensor heads/probes)

  • Leak search/ detection on gas pipeline systems
  • Detection of selected contaminants, caused by operational environment, on CFRP materials and components
  • Detection of formaldehyde in chipboards